R&D is a very important department in our company. We research and design constantly modify and inspect by the digital R&D computer equipment together with the mould factory and by the 3D computer simulation and improve the original defects continuously until the perfectible mould appears.

With the experience of R&D and innovation of so many years, we unceasingly invest on the manufacture facilities of hardware and research the new machine besides renewing the design software in order to promote the technologies of the world.

We are confident that we can fully satisfy the increasingly developing demands of the plastic container industry. The multiple application EPI Polyvinyl drum is made by a process of computer controlled mechanical equipment in a hollow integrity with even thickness in the whole drum while the quality of the product is stable for easy loading and unloading as well as in management and storage while easy handling keeps it in smooth operations while it is resistant to acids and alkalis as well as impacts. It is applicable in dyestuffs, colorants, paintings, resins, accelerants and all sort of chemicals in liquid and powder.


  • Resistant to erosion by acid and alkaline chemical accelerants.
  • The product is free of risks of erosion or contamination when stored outdoor or in bad weather
  • Drum is made of high density Polyethylene in an integral shape to provide a high resistance to impact for durable use and its resistant to deformation and needs no repeated painting
  • The drum wall in smooth and seamless construction for easy cleaning and long durability for over 20 times uses depending on contained substance and transport
  • Space saving and it is apt in all type of containers

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