Yung Hsin Contain Industry Co., Ltd. Incorporated FZE offers the very latest design of Jerry-cans. Sturdy corners, large printing area, compact handle with 2 types of openings, inner caps and outer caps; specially designed for domestic and export packaging and dimensions chosen to optimize container stuffing.

  • Right dimensions for optimum stuffing.
  • Jerry-cans with inner threads has matching plugs and can be crimped with metal cap.
  • Jerry-cans with outer caps have pilfer-proof locking mechanism.
  • Locking knobs at base.
  • Shrink sleeve labeling or screen printing possible.
  • High compression strength.

Medium Packaging

Model Size
L x W (mm)
Height (mm)
INM 10 LA 10L
57 x 223
312mm 10mm
INM 10 LAD 10L
205 x 230
305mm 10mm
INM 20 LA (grey) 10L
64.5 x 275
385mm 10mm
INM 20 LA (blue) 10L
64.5 x 275
385mm 10mm
INM 25 LAD 25L
252 x 300
445mm 10mm
INM 25 LAD 25L
280 x 320
375mm 10mm
INM 30 LAD 30L
280 x 320
439mm 10mm

Open Top-Medium

Model Size
Dia (mm)
Height (mm)
IOT 30LN 30L
318mm 10mm
534mm 10mm
IOT 50 LN 50L
386mm 10mm
587mm 10mm
IOT 60LN 60L
414mm 10mm
616mm 10mm

Intermediate Bulk Packaging
Bulk Packaging
Medium Packaging
Small Packaging
Open Top Drums
Total Packaging Solution

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