Here's an easier way to package powder, viscous and semi-solid products, with Yung Hsin contain Open Top Drums. They combine safety, cost effectiveness and operational ease to offer unique advantage to the users.

Yung Hsin contain launches specially designed Open Top Drums for liquid packaging. These drums are available in 2 versions, with or without UN approval, for dangerous goods. The new designs offers better sealing properties on regular handling and even on impact.

Features - International Open Top (IOT) Drums

  • World-standards Open Top Drum designs
  • Simple closing/opening mechanism with snap-fit clamping ring
  • Excellent drop impact and stacking strength
  • Leak-proof
  • Odorless and non-toxic, best for food products
  • Right sizes for optimum export container utilization
  • Conforms to UNO/IMDG Codes

Capacity & Dimensions (in mm)

Model Size (Ltr)
Dia (mm)
Height (mm)
IOT 120 LN 120L
495mm 10mm
815mm 10mm
IOT 150 LN 150L
414mm 10mm
616mm 10mm
IOT 220 LN 220L
604mm 10mm
953mm 10mm

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Bulk Packaging
Medium Packaging
Small Packaging
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