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Yung Hsin Contain Industry Co. Ltd. (Yung Hsin) is a leading industrial packaging company in Taiwan offering new generation drum packaging products. It has a state of art manufacturing facility at Hsinchu Industrial Park, 110 kms. of Taipei. Company's product range includes jerry cans, tight head / open top drums in 20 to 200 liter capacity. Yung Hsin has implemented 3 Rs (Recycle, Reuse and Reduce) project, jointly developing solutions with ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute).

Yung Hsin is now a part of Time TechnoPlast Ltd. (Time) - a multinational conglomerate with operations in Bahrain, Egypt, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, UAE, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam is a leading manufacturer of polymer products. Among other business, Time is a leading player in the industrial packaging. In order to provide growth impetus to Yung Hsin in Industrial packaging business, Time launches acclaimed GNX range of IBC's in Taiwan through Yung Hsin.

Comapny History


  • Yung Hsin Container Industrial Co. was founded in Miaoli country, With two production lines by the initial investment of twenty millions NT dollars, as the first manufactures in Taiwan to produce open-top plastic drum to serve different market segment, including food, medical and industrial chemicals.


  • Continue the R&D efforts to develop new generation drum products, And build up the third production line to meet market demand.


  • Start the new plant construction in Hsinchu industrial park with the plant area of 8700 square yards.


  • New plants start up in October with six production lines to provide drum products by the range from 5 liter to 220 liter. This move sets up a new milestone in the market and demonstrates our market leadership.


  • Conclude the project for process automation and get UN certification from ISTA (International Safe Transit Association)


  • Jointly develop the recycling technology for plastic drum with ITRI (Industrial Technological Research Institute), and generate the industrial first drum recycling plan to use the wasted drum as portion of raw material to produce drum. This patent pending know-how uses multi-layer blow technology to successfully reduce the environmental pollution.


  • Scale up the product lines to twelve lines with high speed double station machines, and expand the home related products to strengthen the product offerings.


  • Get ISO 9001 certification by the consultancy services from SGS group.


  • Implementing the drum recycling plan under the support from EPA(Environmental Protection Agency) and ITRI (Industrial Research Institute)


  • We are very proud to join Time Group. Hence, we get the latest blow molding technology and all the IBC manufacturing technique which let us get so much progress in the competitive market.

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